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Вещи, о которых мало кто имеет верное представление

Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод seminarist
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И чего я привязался к миссис Мортимер?
Ведь была еще мисс Шервуд, автор "Истории семейства Ферчайлд". У нее это семейство ведет такие разговоры:

When Mr. Fairchild came in from his walk, "Mrs. Goodriche," said he, " have you heard that old John Roberts the gardener died yesterday morning?"
"Indeed!" said Mrs. Goodriche: "I did not hear that his death had really taken place, though we have looked for it every day for this last month: he was quite worn out with old age."
"I have seen the old woman, Betty Roberts," said Mr. Fairchild: "she seems to be in a very happy state of mind, and says she trusts that her poor man died in Christ. She would have me up stairs, to see the corpse."
"If you please, Mrs. Goodriche," said Mrs. Fairchild, " we will walk over to the old gardener's house after dinner: I should like to see poor Mrs. Roberts before I go home."
"With all my heart," said Mrs Goodriche.
"And may we go too?" said Lucy, looking at her mamma.
"What does your papa say?" answered Mrs. Fairchild.
"Have you any desire to see the corpse, my dears?" asked Mr. Fairchild: "you never saw a corpse, I think?"
"No, Papa," answered Lucy: "but we have great curiosity to see one."
"I tell you before-hand, my dear children, that death is very terrible. A corpse is an awful sight."
"I know that, Papa," said Lucy; " but we should like to go."
Mr. Fairchild. "Well, my dears, you shall go; and you shall, if you please, see the corpse."

Популярнейшая была детская книга в течение всего девятнадцатого века.

Сразу вспомнился фрагмент "Дневника" Чуковского, где он с компанией ходил смотреть, как кремируют трупы. И дочку водил.

Curiouser and curiouser!


Зачем скрывать от детей правду жизни?

и тем более - правду смерти...