Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод (seminarist) wrote,
Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Кажется, я нашел у миссис Мортимер светлую сторону:

ей нравились собаки. Если в ее истории появляется собака, всё будет хорошо. Она никогда не утопит собаку в озере, не сожжет в камине, не скормит волкам, как ребенка. Даже если собаку переедет телега, собака выздоровеет и станет лучше прежнего - даже начнет ходить по воскресеньям в церковь.

Jack was a fine big dog. He was brave and live-ly. His home was by the sea. He spent much of his time on the beach. He liked to leap o-ver the big stones, scam-per up the cliffs, or rush in-to the sea to fetch a stick. The sail-ors were fond of him, and gave him bits of meat as well as bones. He was nev-er chain-ed up in a ken-nel. He did as he li-ked. He was a clev-er dog, but he was rude and self-ish. If he met a dog in the street, or on the beach, he seiz-ed him with his teeth, and nev-er let him go till he had sha-ken him. So no dog li-ked to ap-proach him.

As he lay a-sleep on the road a coach ran o-ver him and crush-ed him, but did not kill him. A doc-tor tri-ed to make him well.
When he got well—he went a-gain in the street, and on the beach; but he was not rude as he u-sed to be. He nev-er ill-treat-ed a dog a-gain, and he went to church on Sundays. Why did he go to church? I can-not tell. Dogs need not go to church, for they can-not pray to God: but Jack chose to go. He came in time, and sat quite still. He sat in the best seat in the church. He stay-ed till the end. Then he went home qui-et-ly.
bernese mountain dog
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