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Вещи, о которых мало кто имеет верное представление

Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод seminarist
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Чтение без слез: Small balls; Why do you wh ine?
One day Pa-pa said, "Come here, Os-wald." But Os-wald did not come. Then Pa-pa went to Os-wald and said, "Look at these small balls. I meant to give them all to you, but as you did not come when I call-ed, I shall keep them all."
Os-wald look-ed vex-ed, and walk-ed a-way.

Note. -- Teach the Child to make w and h one sound, and not to pronounce the letters separately.

Alfred, why do you wh ine so?
The wh eel of my wag-on is bro-ken.
Wil-ly, why do you wh ine so?
The lash of my whip is cut.
Hen-ry, why do you wh ine so?
My white dog has got no tail.
Why do you whine and whim-per for a white dog which is not a-live?

А это не теперь: еще в девятнадцатом веке универсальный справочник Enquire Within Upon Everything наставлял читателей, что в таких словах h произносится перед w (отражая, видимо, тогдашнее аристократическое произношение).