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Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Чтение без слез: The Lit-tle Fish-er

Sam was the least of the fam-i-ly: so he was the pet and the dar-ling. And he was a boy who did as he was bid; and this made him a dar-ling.

There was a lake near his Pa-pa's house. The lake was deep. Sam's Pa-pa was a-fraid of his dear boy be-ing drown-ed. So he for-bid him to go a-lone to the lake.

Sam beg-ged his Pa-pa to let him go there fish-ing next Sat-ur-day with three boys.
His Pa-pa was a lit-tle a-fraid to let him go.
Sam prom-is-ed to take great care.
"Well," said his Pa-pa, "you may go this time; but pray do take care."

Sam jump-ed for joy and said, "I shall bring you home a long string of fish for sup-per, if-if-if-I return home safe."
"But," said his Pa-pa, "you must make up fag-ots on Sat-ur-day morn-ing be-fore you go fish-ing."
"Oh, yes!" said the lit-tle boy; "I like to help you, dear Pa-pa!"

Sam count-ed the days till Sat-ur-day came.
On Sat-ur-day morn-ing he cut up sticks, and ti-ed them in bun-dles. Be-fore he had fin-ish-ed -- three lit-tle boys came to the house to fetch him. Sam said, "Wait till I have fin-ish-ed my fag-ots." Then Sam ran for his fish-ing-rod and his lit-tle pail.

The four lit-tle boys ran ea-ger-ly down to the lake. There was a long pier on the lake. The boys ran quick-ly a-long the pier. When they reach-ed the end of the pier they let down their fish-ing-rods. They soon caught fish-es. Each time they found a fish at the end of the rod they felt much pleas-ed.

They had caught a num-ber of fish-es by six o'clock. They wish-ed to return home. They had join-ed their fish to-geth-er with a string. Each boy had a string of fish to take home.
"Where is my string of fish?" said Sam. "Have you seen it?"
The boys said they had not seen it.
"Oh!" said Sam, "I can-not go home with-out my fish-es. I must stay till I have found it, or till I have got more fish-es." So Sam's three friends went home, and Sam stay-ed on the pier.

It was fool-ish of Sam to stay a-lone on the pier, for if Sam were to slip into the river he must be drown-ed.
That e-ven-ing Sam was seen stand-ing at the end of the pier fish-ing a-lone, and he was never seen again. Per-haps he tried to get out his string of fish, and so slip-ped in-to the riv-er.

His Mam-ma at home saw it was get-ting dark. She sent his sis-ter to fetch Sam home. But his sis-ter did not re-turn. Soon Sam's Pa-pa went to the lake with his friends. But he saw no Sam. He found Sam's fish-ing-rod and his pail on the per; but no Sam-my.

Men drag-ged up his lit-tle bod-y from the bot-tom of the lake. A great num-ber of chil-dren came to the fu-ne-ral, and saw the lit-tle bod-y laid in the grave.
But where was Sam-my's soul? With God in the sky.

Sam was a boy who be-liev-ed in Je-sus, and pray-ed to Him, when he was quite a-lone. Pa-pa and Mam-ma have wept bit-ter-ly for their dar-ling, but they know they shall meet him in the sky.
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