Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод (seminarist) wrote,
Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Чтение без слез: Not a Real Snake

"What is this, Char-ley?" said Pa-pa to his boy.
As he spoke he show-ed him a lit-tle box.
He o-pe-ned it and out came a thing like a snake.
It lay coil-ed up up-on the ta-ble.
"It is not a-live," said Char-ley.
"How do you know that?" said his Pa-pa.
"Be-cause a real snake bites. I know it is a toy. I am glad it is not a real snake."
Then Char-ley touch-ed the snake.
Tags: Мортимер
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