Вещи, о которых мало кто имеет верное представление

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У Диккенса old-fashioned означает не "старомодный",
а "старообразный", "выглядящий старше своих лет". Это прилагательное он применяет к маленькой служанке в "Лавке древностей", к Полю Домби, к Саймону Таппертиту, мятежному подмастерью из "Барнаби Раджа". Странно, что этого значения нельзя найти ни в одном из старых английских словарей, до которых мне удалось дотянуться: везде это вариации на тему formed according to an old or obsolete method or custom, т. е. старомодный, устаревший. А между тем, Диккенс не одинок: в "Маленьком лорде Фаунтлерое" old-fashioned употребляется именно в таком смысле.

(of a facial expression) disapproving:
‘Jonas gave her an old-fashioned look

Может, "Having the ways of a grown-up person; hence, precocious, intelligent, knowing" из OED годится?

old-ˈfashioned, a.

[See fashioned ppl. a.2]

1. a.1.a Formed or conducted according to the fashion of former times; antiquated in form or character. Also absol.

1653 Walton Angler ii. 64 They were old fashioned Poetry, but choicely good. 1683 Moxon Mech. Exerc., Printing 38 The Old-fashion'd Presses‥used here in England. 1712 Steele Spect. No. 308 ⁋2 An old-fashioned Grate consumes Coals, but gives no Heat. 1897 M. Kingsley W. Africa 145 Good, old-fashioned, long skirts. 1904 Daily Chron. 7 Jan. 3/3 She‥does not hesitate to lean to the old-fashioned if occasion require.

b.1.b Of a plant, belonging to an old-established variety no longer common in cultivation.

1920 ‘O. Douglas’ Penny Plain i. 8 A herbaceous border‥blazed in a sweet disorder of old-fashioned blossoms. 1939 S. Sitwell Old Fashioned Flowers i. 21 There can be more than a mere sentimental fondness for these old flowers. It is not enough that they are old-fashioned and in danger of being classed as quaint. 1960 F. C. Stern Chalk Garden v. 53 There are a number of ‘old-fashioned’ primroses which are great fun in the garden. 1975 R. Genders Growing Old-fashioned Flowers 7 In most cottage gardens there may still grow at least a few of the old-fashioned plants.

2.2 Attached to old fashions or ways; having the tastes of former times.

1687 T. Brown Saints in Uproar Wks. 1730 I. 81 Those old-fashion'd sparks yonder. 1712 Addison Spect. No. 499 ⁋7 Will is one of those old-fashioned men of wit and pleasure of the town. 1796 Burke Regic. Peace iv. Wks. IX. 20 People, like me, old fashioned enough to consider, that [etc.]. 1866 Geo. Eliot F. Holt i. (1868) 15 You have come back to a family who have old-fashioned notions.

3.3 Having the ways of a grown-up person; hence, precocious, intelligent, knowing. Chiefly dial.

1844 Yorks. Comet 18 (E.D.D.) A sleep-walker‥began o'tunin' on't, as owd-feshioned as if his een had been wide oppen. 1848 Dickens Dombey xiv. (1858) 96 The little fellow had a fine mind, but was an old-fashioned boy. 1858 R. M. Ballantyne Coral Island i. 11, I overheard them [sc. shipmates] sometimes saying that Ralph Rover was a ‘queer, old-fashioned fellow’. 1874 Burnand My time ii. 18, I suppose at this age I must have been very old-fashioned. 1886 S.W. Linc. Gloss. s.v., The pony was a bit old-fashioned, and could open the gate with his mouth. 1972 J. Wilson Hide & Seek iv. 76 She's not very happy at school.‥ She can seem irritating and annoying at times—she has this quaint old-fashioned sort of knowing air, and she asks the teachers lots of questions.

4.4 Disapproving, tart, reproachful: used spec. of facial expression. Also as adv., in a disapproving, reproachful or quizzical manner. Freq. in phr. to give (someone) an old-fashioned look, to look old-fashioned at (someone).
Quot. 1911 may belong in sense 3.

Мне кажется, да.

Ну в Оксфордском-то есть все значения за последнюю тысячу лет, это неудивительно. Меня удивляет, что в других словарях это (популярное, видимо) значение почти не встречается.

1911 F. H. Burnett Secret Garden xvii. 181 She‥examined them with a solemn savage little face. She looked so sour and old-fashioned that the nurse turned her head aside to hide the twitching of her mouth. a 1922 T. S. Eliot Waste Land Drafts (1971) 13 No, ma'am, you needn't look old-fashioned at me. 1926 S. Jameson Three Kingdoms vi. 154 Laurence listened, said: ‘Oh. Bring her up in two minutes,’ and gave Macdougal what he mentally classified as an old-fashioned look. 1933 E. Williams Late Christopher Bean ii. 51, I was wrong thinking wrong things, and acting so old fashioned with you. 1935 Archit. Rev. LXXVII. 270/3 He straightened his back and gave me an old-fashioned look as who should say ‘And I dare you to laugh at me in your damn superior way, blast you.’ 1935 N. Marsh Enter Murderer vii. 83 ‘Don't you act old-fashioned at me,’ snarled the man. 1943 P. Cheyney You can always Duck i. 15 She looks at me sorta old-fashioned. 1948 ‘N. Shute’ No Highway vi. 149 They'll probably look a bit old-fashioned at me. 1951 M. Kennedy Lucy Carmichael vii. iv. 379 I've tried to tell her twice‥and all I get is an old-fashioned look. 1959 ‘R. Simons’ Houseboat Killings xiii. 133 The commissionaire gave them an old-fashioned look as they spun the revolving doors, but it was lost on Wace. 1974 Blackw. Mag. Sept. 197/2 Comrade Supervisor gave her an old-fashioned look and answered: ‘Lidia died the moment she fell, the moment she touched the ground.’

5.5 Special collocations: old-fashioned cocktail U.S., a cocktail consisting principally of whisky, bitters, and sugar, served with ice; also ellipt., as old-fashioned; old-fashioned rose = old rose a; old-fashioned waltz, a waltz played in quick time; old-fashioned winter, a winter marked by snow and hard frost.

1901 Cocktail Bk. 27 (heading) Whiskey Cocktail—Old-fashioned. 1930 H. Craddock Savoy Cocktail Bk. i. 114 Old Fashioned Cocktail. 1 Lump Sugar. 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters. 1 Glass Rye or Canadian Club Whisky. 1942 D. Powell Time to be Born (1943) x. 237 He charged ten cents more for old-fashioneds than Bill's did. 1958 G. Greene Our Man in Havana v. iii. 212 A Scotch, sir? A sherry? An Old-Fashioned? 1963 E. Clarke Shaking in 60's 95 Old fashioned cocktail. Use a small heavy tumbler glass.‥ Place in 1 lump of sugar‥add a lump of ice‥pour into the prepared glass 2 measures of Bourbon. 1975 ‘M. Duke’ Death of Holy Murderer ix. 111 We're drinking old-fashioneds beside the swimming pool.

1888 J. W. Riley (title) Old-fashioned roses. 1889 Garden 6 July 14/3 If this conference does no more than further the cultivation of the many climbing and other old-fashioned Roses, it will have achieved a great object. 1937 C. Spry Flowers in House & Garden 75 Grass paths divide large irregularly-shaped beds filled with‥old-fashioned roses. 1962 A. Christie Mirror Crack'd i. 17 Laycock had cut down the old-fashioned roses in a way more suitable to hybrid teas. 1971 J. Raven Botanist's Garden vi. 120 We grow‥four others of the showiest of the old-fashioned roses.

1927 Melody Maker Aug. 787/2 The old-fashioned tango is not so dissimilar to the modern, and there are still many sincere lovers of the old-fashioned waltz left. 1952 M. Laski Village ii. 41 The Rhythm Ragamuffins were starting off with an old-fashioned waltz.

1865 M. Eyre Lady's Walks S. of France xvi. 189, I like an old-fashioned English winter—hard frosts and deep snows in their season. 1939 L. M. Montgomery Anne of Ingleside xiii. 86 We never seem to have old-fashioned winters nowadays.

Hence ˌold-ˈfashionedly adv., in an old-fashioned manner; ˌold-ˈfashionedness, the quality or condition of being old-fashioned.

1813 M. Edgeworth Let. 16 May (1971) 60 She is now huge and very plainly dressed old fashionedly but she must have been beautiful and graceful formerly. 1817 Blackw. Mag. I. 590 Old age was the ton—old fashionedness the rage. 1853 Mrs. Carlyle Lett. II. 218 It is comfortably but plainly and old-fashionedly furnished. 1886 Athenæum 27 Mar. 421/3 She has given a pleasing air of old-fashionedness to her language.

Была такая книга - Dr Sam Johnson, Detector, - где Самуэль Джонсон раскрывает преступления. Там в какой-то момент Бозвел его спрашивает, на какие цели были потрачены такие-то деньги. Eleemosynary, my dear Boswell - отвечает Джонсон.



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