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Омерзительный мир миссис Мортимер: Родители

Your kind mother dressed your little body in neat clothes, and laid you in a cradle. When you cried, she gave you food, and hushed you to sleep in her arms. She showed you pretty things to make you smile. She held you up and showed you how to move your feet. She taught you to speak, and she often kissed you, and called you sweet names.

Can your mother keep you alive ? — No.

Favell Lee Mortimer, 'The New Peep of the Day', Lesson 2, On Mother's Care

If your father were to die, what should you do? You would then be a fatherless child.

Could your father die? - O yes. Many children have no father. I have heard of a little child whose father fell down from a high ladder and was killed. Another child's father was kicked by a horse and died. Another father was digging a deep well, and his breath was stopped. Some childrens' fathers fall sick and die.

Favell Lee Mortimer, 'The Peep of the Day', Lesson 3, On Father's Care
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