Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод (seminarist) wrote,
Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

The Curse

- No! Don't! Not the...
The White Magician's voice faltered, and the Black Wizard emitted a giggle of insane joy.
- Not - the Unspeakable Curse, you mean? And pray, why not? Here it is, right in the jolly old book, just begging to be read. Come, it hasn't seen the light of the sun for millenia - it's my humane duty to finally let it loose.
- Fool! - The White Magician tried to sound impressive, not an easy thing while hanging upside down. - You have no idea what this will do to you.
- Oh, Sublime Teacher, I really must protest - I do have a tolerably good idea. It will do a world of good - for me. Now, as to you, that is another matter...
Meanwhile he proceeded to assemble the necessary instruments, potions and a few notes around the massive lectern supporting the Evil Book - finally open!
- Shall we begin, o Sublime Teacher? - He made a profound bow, full of mock reverence, to the White Magician, all the while covering him with his wand.
- Noooooo!!!..
But the Black Wizard was already busily leafing through his tome.
- There - page 1025, the Unspeakable Curse. Seems to be the right one. So - Sublime Teacher - shut up and go to hell! Here goes...
Peering intently at page 1025 he began his recitation.
- Bglfftzizggghhk'mtwfp... Damn! - He waved his wand counterclockwise impatiently. - Bglfftzizggghhk'mfmwphkh... DAMN!!! - For a few minutes the study looked like somebody set off a thousand cheap fireworks. The White Magician and his apprentices, suddenly free from the bonds of the spell, rushed to open the doors and windows, fanning the air with their long sleeves. When the acrid smoke started to clear, he showed them the disgusting thing slithering under the desk, still alive.
- Is it always like that, o Sublime Teacher?
- Not always exactly like that, but invariably amusing. There is a good reason they called it 'The Unspeakable Curse'. Impossible to pronounce right!
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