Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод (seminarist) wrote,
Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

А вот вам к празднику подарок:

"Торжественный комплект" - 1, 2 - нашелся в Гугл-букс

CRITICISM (Stricture, Animadversion)

We are not all of that ilk
He is not able to get the right perspective
We are quite reluctant to follow his lead
He has no ground of complaint
He is in no small degree responsible for—
He shall be condemned in no uncertain terms
He cuts a sorry figure
He has no sense of the fitness of things
His conclusions are hopelessly detached from his premises
The theory has gone into bankruptcy
He is over-quick in reproof
He richly deserves his fate
I will not use terms of endearment
He takes himself too seriously
He has the unhappy knack of saying things that are not so
He should be the last man in the world to—
He is desperately in earnest but terribly mistaken
A purely professional cheeriness of manner
A most inexcusable breach of confidence
That sort of thing not only wearies but disgusts sensible men
It is a case of mean yielding in places of responsibility
Such a course is eternally alien to us
No one with any polite breeding can possibly sympathize with—
Too clever by half
I cannot resist taking him down a peg or two
Which is more than a figure of speech
A clumsy attempt
Not beyond just criticism
Little to charm the eye
An unfortunate notion
It is a situation to be lamented

ESTEEM (admiration, regard):

He is a man of rare personal qualities
A delightful man to do business with
An altogether delightful companion
I always entertained the very highest regard for—
I was full of admiration for the way in which—
He is winning golden opinions from all sides
A high-class man
A nine days' wonder
Absolutely matchless
Held in high esteem
If I were a Pagan I would raise altars to him
Everybody was proud of him
We give our admiration without reserve

Репортер Вашатко оценил бы.
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