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Personalities in Funeral Management
Charles O. Dhonau,
President, The Cincinnati College of Embalming.
First edition, 1929 (issue of 1959)
The Embalming Book Company.

"So much is said and written about getting the family ideas concerning funeral arrangements and then carrying them out as nearly as possible. That would be all right, of course, if the family could be trusted to have correct ideas and wishes concerning a refined, properly planned funeral. But many families have very crude and improper ideas of such matters; and who in the world is in a better position than the mortician to lead them out of their sometimes crude, mistaken, bizarre ideas, and cause them to want a funeral of modern refinement and taste? A little thought on this matter will surely convince one that there is an obligation on the part of the mortician that should not be lightly esteemed. If we are to have progress in funerals as in other affairs of life, it is surely the province of the morticians of this country to lead the people into better ways. And there is ample room for improvement. The perfectly planned funeral is by no means as common as it is frequently assumed to be."
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