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Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Ещё парочку. Про язычников.


See that heathen mother stand
Where the sacred current flows;
With her own maternal hand
Mid the waves her babe she throws.

Hark! I hear the piteous scream;
Frightful monsters seize their prey,
Or the dark and bloody stream
Bears the struggling child away.

Fainter now, and fainter still,
Breaks the cry upon the ear;
But the mother's heart is steel,
She unmoved that cry can hear.

Send, O send the Bible there,
Let its precepts reach the heart;
She may then her children spare -
Act the mother's tender part.

(Hastings' "Nursery Songs")


"A penny I have -
'T is all my own!"
Little Charlotte exclaimed
In a lively tone.
"I cannot do much
With a penny, I fear;
But I'll buy myself something
To eat or to wear."

"A penny I have,"
Little Mary said,
And she thoughtfully raised
Her hand to her head.
"Both missions and schools
Want money, I know;
But I fear that 't is little
A penny can do."

So Charlotte ran off,
And some apples she bought;
While Mary her mite
To the mission-box brought.
And which of them, think you,
More cheerfully smiled;
And which of the two
Was the happier child?

(M.A. Stoddard)
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