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Ellen and Sarah OR The Sampler - 3

Mrs. and Miss Stanley remained for a short time while the children sang a hymn, and then they went away; soon after which the mistress dismissed the children. Nothing was talked of all the way home but Miss Lucy's samplers and treat; and nearly every little girl went home thinking that she would be the one who would gain the prize. When Sarah reached her father's house she found one of her little sisters at the door waiting for her. The child, who could not yet talk, pulled her by the frock into the house.

"Come in, Sally," cried her father, "come in, my child; and thank you with all my heart."

"What for, father?" asked Sarah, surprised.

"What for, child? why, for my shirts that have been made so neatly, and, as mother says, all made by you. And now, see what I have bought for you in town this afternoon - a reward for your trouble, my good little daughter."

Sarah was indeed astonished when she saw a warm woolen shawl which her father had brought home; and, as she kissed and thanked him, she felt that Mrs. Stanley was right in bidding her try to help her parents. She felt rewarded for the long, heavy hours she had spent in marking the shirts; and she found that duty well performed will bring its own reward. At that minute she would not have changed places with any girl in Rosedale School. After a short time, however, she began to look less cheerful, and her mother asked her what was the matter.

Sarah told her what Miss Stanley had said, and then showed her sampler. "But, mother," she added, "it is of no use for me to try, for I am sure that I shall never be able to gain the prize; I can hardly spell at all."

"Never mind," replied Mrs. Brown; "do your best, and I have no doubt that your sampler will be one of the nicest when it is finished."

Sarah was cheered by what her mother said; and she made up her mind to try and spell the words of the hymn quite right. It was now time to put the children to bed; so Sarah wrapped her sampler up carefully in a clean clothi, and laid it by in a drawer. She then went up stair with the little ones, and did not come downagain until they were in bed, and all their clothes neatly folded up.

But we must now hear what Ellen said when she got home.

to be continued
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