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Омерзительный Мир Миссис Мортимер: Таиланд

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The Siamese resemble Burmese in appearance, but they are much worse-looking. Their faces are very broad and flat; and so large are the jaws under the ears, that they appear as if they were swollen. Their manner of dressing their hair does not improve their looks; for they cut their hair quite close, except just on the top of their heads, where they make it stand up like bristles...

In disposition the Siamese are deceitful and cowardly. It has been said of them, that as friends they are not to be trusted, and as enemies not to be feared: they cannot be trusted, because they are deceitful: they need not be feared, because they are cowardly.
The Siamese are like Burmese in cruelty. When an enemy falls into their hands, no mercy is shown.

A king of a small country, called Laos, was taken captive by the Siamese. This king, with his family, was shut up in a large iron cage, and exhibited as a sight. There he was, surrounded by his sons and grandsons, and all of them heavily laden with chains on their necks and legs. Two of them were little boys, and they played and laughed in their cage! - so thoughtless are children! But the elder sons looked very miserable; they hung down their heads, and fixed their eyes on the ground; and well they might; for within their sight were various horrible instruments of torture; - spears with which to pierce them; - an iron boiler in which to heat oil to scald them; - a gallows on which to hang their bodies, and - a pestle and mortar in which to pound the children to powder.
What became of the unhappy family is not known.
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