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Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Омерзительный Мир Миссис Мортимер: Голландия и Бельгия

продолжение http://seminarist.livejournal.com/252114.html:

There is no country in the world so damp as Holland. There is so much water that every place is wet; indeed, people could not live there at all if it were not for the pains they take to make it a little more dry. Even cows are often made sick by the damp. There is no people in Europe as clean as the Dutch. If they did not rub and scrub a good deal, the damp would cover all their brass pans with rust...

The Dutch do not take their pleasure on Sundays as the Germans do, though they do not rest as much as they ought. (! - S.)

AMSTERDAM: This is the capital city of Holland. There is no city in which there is so much danger of being drowned, for it is full of canals.

There are a great many neat little farm houses among the fields. Each farm is not larger than a good-sized field, that is, about six acres; yet on this small piece of land the whole family live comfortably. They must be very industrious. Yes, not one in the family is idle.

The farmer works very hard, for often he has no plough, and no cart, and no horse. Therefore he digs his land with his spade and wheels along his barrow full of hay. This is slow work, but it is the only way these poor people can manage. They live on common food.

Do you not hope that these industrious, honest people, love to read their Bibles in their pleasand cottages? Alas! they worship idols. They are Roman Catholics.

There is a fountain in Brussels and a brass image of a boy near it. This brass image is called "The Mannekin." This image has a servant to wait upon it and dress it up very fine on holidays. Many kings have given presents to the Mannekin. One gave him a soldier's dress. You are ready to laugh at the people of Brussels, and to call them very silly; but they are sensible in many things, only they do not understand the Scriptures and so they honor images.
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