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Омерзительный Мир Миссис Мортимер: Венгрия и Швейцария

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The Hungarians are a much wilder people than the Germans; they are not industrious; they do not know how to make things; most of them cannot read or write...

If you were to travel in the forest of Bakony, you would see a great number of pigs feeding on the acorns under the trees. The men who take care of these pigs are called swine-herds. They have not such a pleasant employment as shepherds have. Who could like as well to take care of dirty, greedy, grunting pigs, as of clean, soft, bleating sheep?

These poor swine-herds know nothing and many of them are robbers... I advise you, if you ever go to Bakony forest, not to go too near the pigs, for they are very fierce. The swine-herds, when they please, can make their pigs attack men and tear them to pieces.


The Protestants follow one of the bad customs of the Roman Catholics; they amuse themselves on Sunday. Even the poor men among the mountains go down to the public-house on Sunday evening, and drink wine; and though they do not get drunk, they ought not to be there.

When people go to Switzerland for the first time, they often think, "How happy should I be to live in a cottage here, to look down upon those sweet lakes, to hear the grand waterfall, and to gaze upon the snowy peaks of those high mountains!" But very often a great lump of snow as big as a house, rolls down the side of the mountain, and making a noise as loud as a thunder, crushes a cottage that lies on the side! O, what a terrible disaster! But I am going to tell you of a worse.

It was on the 2d of September, 1806, about five o'clock in the afternoon, that the earth began to slide. Very slowly it went at first. A young man felt the ground giving way, and called out to an old man to come away; but the old man, who was smoking his pipe by his door, said, "I have time to fill my pipe once more," and he went back, and the house fell upon him, and killed him, but the young man running as fast as he could, though he often fell down, escaped.
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