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Омерзительный Мир Миссис Мортимер: Италия

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In Italy there are crowds of miserable beggars. It is quite unpleasant to see the poor creatures in troops, clothed in filthy rags, many of them with bad sores, and others with broken backs or legs... When money is given to these poor creatures, they are not as thankful as Irish beggars are.

It is dreadful to think what number of murders are committed in Italy. Even boys, instead of fighting with their hands, take up stones and throw at each other, and men take out their knives and cut each other.

HOUSES: All day you must keep the blinds down or the sun will scorch you. But may you open them in the evening and enjoy the pure air? No, then you must shut the windows, or the mosquitoes will come in and bite you all over...

FOOD: The favourite food of poor people is macaroni. What is that? It is made of flour and water in the shape of pipes. Macaroni looks like white serpents... You may see them (poor people) holding up this serpent-like food and letting it slip down their throats.

CUSTOMS: One very bad custom is burying the poor people in large pits. In the evening the dead bodies in coffins are taken in carts and thrown into a deep hole and covered up.

MOUNT VESUVIUS: It is a terrible mountain, for fire comes out of a hole at the top. Very few people dare to look down the hole at the top. It is foolish to look down, for no one can tell when the hot boiling stuff called lava will burst forth.
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