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Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Омерзительный Мир Миссис Мортимер: Португалия, Россия

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The Portuguese language is not as beautiful as the Spanish, it has more hissing sounds and is spoken in harsh and squeaking tones.
No people in Europe are so clumsy and awkward with their hands... It is curious to see how badly the carpenters make boxes and the smiths make keys. The carts are very ill-made; as they move slowly along, the wheels make a loud creaking noise, which almost stuns people of other countries; but the Portuguese do not mind the sound, and say it is of use, for then there will be no danger of two carts meeting in the narrow roads...

Some places look pretty at a distance which look very ugly when you come up to them - Lisbon is one of these places... But what are those heaps of stones? - Those large heaps of great stones? They look like churches and houses fallen down. And so they are; for about a hundred years ago a great earthquake shook Lisbon, and threw down many of the buildings, and killed numbers of people.

...The favourite drink is called "kwas." This is a wholesome drink, but you would not like it at all... The Russians live in very miserable dwellings made of trees cut down and laid along the ground, one on top of the other... The children (of rich people) are allowed to play so much, that they grow up very ignorant. The Russians are fond of music and dancing, and the children are very quick in learning to dance and sing; but dancing and singing will not make them wise...

Coachmen are sent to Siberia, if they run over a person in the street. This makes them very careful, but it makes the people very troublesome. Instead of getting out of the way, they will look up at the coachman, and say, "Mind Siberia."

There are some very strange things to be seen in the market. Look at those white hares, that appear to be running along the ground, and those cows which never move, and their calves beside them; and those quiet pigs with their little ones. They are all dead, but they are frozen, and therefore they are stiff, and stand upright.
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