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Детская писательница: Омерзительная Америка

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Но больше всего миссис Мортимер любила писать про разные страны и народы, населяющие Землю. Несколько поколений английских детей узнавали начала географии по её книгам. И о каждой стране, обо всяком народе она находила, что сказать хорошего. Вот, например, американцы:

The children are brought up in a very unwholesome manner. At the dinner table of the boarding house they see all kinds of dainties, and they are allowed to eat hot cakes and rich preserves at breakfast, and ices and oysters at supper, when they ought to be satisfied with their basin of porridge, or their milk and water and bread and butter. The consequence is that many children die, and others are pale and sickly.

NEW ORLEANS - This is the gayest city in America, and also the most ungodly. There are few churches, but there are amusements of all kinds. It may be called a city of strangers, for people come from all parts of America to pass the winter here... But the river is the bane of the city. The banks are so low, that the damps from the water render the city unwholesome. Yellow fever frequently comes and carries away thousands. New Orleans is a dangerous place to live in, both for the body and the soul.

WASHINGTON - is one of the most desolate cities in the world: not because she is in ruins, but for the opposite reason - because she is unfinished. There are places marked out where houses ought to be, but where no houses seem ever likely to be...

...There are terrible snakes in the forests, especially the Rattle-Snake... There are many harmless inhabitants in the forest. There are the Pigeons. The foresters are glad at their arrival, for they knock them down and take them home to make into pies.

CHARACTER - The people in the Northern States are very industrious. As there are not many servants to be had, they wait upon themselves. The children are useful to their parents. They can be trusted to go on messages, and to make purchases, and even to go to dentist's by themselves.

The Americans are benevolent. They love to do good, and among other things they have asylums for the blind, and hospitals for the sick, and refuges for the destitute; and they make even their prisoners comfortable - perhaps too comfortable.
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