Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод (seminarist) wrote,
Виталий Е. Ермолин, студент холодных вод

Еще Торжественный Комплект


Раздел DESCRIPTIVE - Of Persons:

A great lubberly boy
A maid of winning charm
A dainty little miss
A mere slip of a girl
A husky youngster
A tar of the jolly old sort
A son frightfully dissipated
An officer immensely officious
A superior man
An obliging person
A magnanimous soul
A good-natured fellow
A charmingly simple person
A quiet inassuming person
A man of sound sense
A man of immovable convictions
A lawyer of marked ability
An unsympathetic reader
A man of dignity, force, and ease of manner
An acute observer
A splendid fellow
A very mercenary person
A trustworthy friend
A fond mother
A good listener
An excellent musician
An exceptional man
A character worth knowing
A scholar of considerable eminence

Of Things:

A lovely landscape
A quiet nook
A crimson rosebud
A fertile region
A drowsy drone
A snug farm
A dainty flower
The blissful skies
Serene weather
The most perfect night possible
In very picturesque surroundings
A charming aspect
A rugged background
A high-crested crag
A pool of transparent clearness
The kindly fruits of the earth
The most appetizing confection
The pleasing odor of good food
A delicious condiment
A deadly contagion
A munificent gift
Snowy table linen
The boundless beauty of spring-time
A rattling good story
A savory odor
A quaint old house
Of a make quite metropolitan
A suit of faultless cut
Delicate traceries
A facile pen
The larger mood
A gala night
A marvel of detail
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