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Древние Английские Традиции

Вчера я писал об элегии Джона Драйдена "На Смерть Лорда Гастингса". По наивности я полагал эту дивную элегию изолированным курьезом. Но пришел многоуважаемый shkrobius и открыл мне глаза.

No! - писал он. - Dryden... was not the only one who wrote poems commemorating the death of Hastings of small pox. Marvell, Herrick, Denham wrote their own "masterpieces" raising to the occasion, I'd say those were marginally better. Read more on
There is a whole "small pox" tradition; this is not an isolated example. Browne's epitaph is another famous small pox verse. There are many examples given in the article. You are too hard on Dryden.

Ну что я могу сказать? За меня все уже сказал Берти Вустер.

"There are times, Jeeves, when one wants to know everything about English Poets. And then there are times, if you still follow me, when one doesn't".

There are times when all one can do is quote P.G. Wodehouse and go to sleep...
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