Давным давно я догадался, что у Чуковского

"Вдруг откуда-то летит маленький комарик" - это "Старых барынь духовник, маленький аббатик" из Дениса Давыдова. Сегодня дошло, что "Таракан, таракан, таракашечка" - это "Чибиряк, чибиряк, чибиряшечка" Аполлона Григорьева.

"Much mischief is done in the world with very little interest or design.

He that assumes the character of a critick, and justifies his claim by perpetual censure, imagines that he is hurting none but the author, and him he considers as a pestilent animal, whom every other being has a right to persecute; little does he think how many harmless men he involves in his own guilt, by teaching them to be noxious without malignity, and to repeat objections which they do not understand; or how many honest minds he debars from pleasure, by exciting an artificial fastidiousness, and making them too wise to concur with their own sensations. He who is taught by a critick to dislike that which pleased him in his natural state, has the same reason to complain of his instructor, as the madman to rail at his doctor, who, when he thought himself master of Peru, physicked him to poverty."

Sam. Johnson, The Idler, 3

Фейсбук предлагает пиджак

с подкладкой из натурального шелка, на которой отпечатана «Афинская школа» Рафаэля. Чтобы как снял пиджак, так сразу культурой повеяло. Надо еще галоши выпустить: на правой подошве написано «Вильям», а на левой - «Шекспир».

Пример языка (т. н. Law French), на котором писали в 17 веке английские юристы.

Richardson Chief Justice de Common Banc al assises de Salisbury in Summer 1631 fuit assault per prisoner la condemne pur felony, que puis son condemnation ject un brickbat a le dit justice, que narrowly mist, et pur ceo immediately fuit indictment drawn per Noy envers le prisoner et son dexter manus ampute et fix al gibbet, sur que luy mesme immediatement hange in presence de Court. ("Richardson, Chief Justice of the Common Bench at the Assizes at Salisbury in Summer 1631 was assaulted by a prisoner there condemned for felony, who, following his condemnation, threw a brickbat at the said justice that narrowly missed, and for this, an indictment was immediately drawn by Noy against the prisoner and his right hand was cut off and fastened to the gibbet, on which he himself was immediately hanged in the presence of the Court.")

Из Википедии

В той же Википедии есть статья и про судью Ричардсона. Сомнительный был тип. Оказывается, когда подсудимый кинул в него кирпичом, он пригнулся, а потом сказал: You see, if I had been an upright judge I had been slain.

Richardson Chief Justice de Common Banc
Chief justice Richardson